Walk Gradings

Toowoomba Bushwalking Club hosts a range of activities including social gatherings, overnight camps, and day-walks. Walks range in difficulty level to cater for different participants, and each walk has a grading.
Please check the newsletter, or contact the trip leader, to confirm walk difficulty level and any questions you may have.

Walk Grading Guidelines:
All of our walks are graded by the use of 3 indicators. Distance, Terrain and Fitness.
S – short, under 10 km
M – medium, 10-15 km
L – long, 15-20 km
X – extra-long, more than 20 km per day
1 to 3 – Graded or open terrain, no scrub
4 to 6 – Minor Scrub, Rainforest, rock hopping, scrambling
7 to 9 – Thick scrub, rock scrambling, using hands or ropes
1 to 3 – Easy, suitable for beginners
4 to 6 – Medium, reasonable fitness required
7 to 9 – Hard, strenuous fit walkers only

e.g a walk of 12 km return through sparse scrub with some rock hopping on the return and requiring reasonable fitness could be graded as M45

Sharing Transport Costs

Most people have a reliable car and like to be independent, but sometimes it’s good to share the driving and reduce our carbon footprint.
If you do get a ride with someone else, we have a basic graphic to help calculate vehicle running costs over common distances from Toowoomba. Vehicle passengers might consider offering the driver their share to help them cover costs based upon distance travelled for that outing.
The lower figures are for light-medium size vehicles and the upper figures are for heavier vehicles eg large 4WD.
It would also be helpful for trip leaders’ to suggest, in their write-ups, the appropriate band, relevant to the return journey for the activity.

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